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Howard Conyers provides unique culinary experiences and a glimpse into the past.  He is very knowledgeable of Southern Culture particularly as he up grew up on the same soil labored by his ancestery slaves and sharecroppers.  The knowledge was furthered strengthed as Howard became an avid collector of antiques used by his ancesters at an early age.  With the collecting of each piece, there is a story that goes behind each piece.  Almost, like the cooking of whole hog bbq, numerous stories or memories of years past were shared to aid in the passing of time. However, since he is rocket scientist (engineer) by day, his unique skill set, knowledge, and abilities provides limited time to share one of his culinary experiences.  With proper planning, CarolinaQNola featuring Howard Conyers can be commissioned to lecture, bbq, and/or speak.


Future: We are looking to do classic events once a month.  The events are not limited to New Orleans, LA or South Carolina.  Whereever, there is a hardware store available, pits can be build to cook BBQ, meaning I can fly to you.  Contact us.



Past Events:

The Hypothesis

Carolina Pit Doctors with Dinner Lab

Faubourg Livadais Neighborhood Association, LA - 2013

Hogs for the Cause  New Orleans, LA - 2013, 2014, 2015

Hogs for the Cause Charleston, SC -2014

Purloo PopUp- 2014

Dillard University Ray Charles African American Material Culture Program  Lecture & Demonstration -2014





Made by Southern Food and Beverage Museum.

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